nafsa 2022 logoInformiamo che una delegazione dell'Ufficio Internazionale dell'Università di Pisa, parteciperà alla NAFSA 2022 Annual Conference and Expo che si terrà dal 31 maggio al 3 giugno 2022 a Denver.
NAFSA -  Association of International Educators con sede negli Stati Uniti e oltre 10.000 membri fra enti e professionisti del settore, rappresenta la più antica e grande associazione senza scopo di lucro al mondo dedicata all’istruzione superiore e all’internazionalizzazione. 
We are pleased to announce the next international call for applications to the PhD School of Life Sciences at the Faculties of Medicine and Science - University of Geneva. The application deadline is April 10th, 2022
PhD positions will be available in  six innovative programs:
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Ecology and Evolution
  • Genomics and Digital Health
  • Molecular Biosciences
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Physics of Biology
Further information can be found at:
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Rubolini sitoWithin the seminar series of the DIALOGUES ON ETHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOURAL ECOLOGY, our second 2022 speaker will be Prof. Diego Rubolini of the Department of Environmental Science and Policy, University of Milan, Italy.
On Friday March the 25th 2022 at 15:30 on streaming on youtube (see the Link below), Prof. Diego Rubolini will be talking about
"Between conflict and cooperation: social dynamics in avian broods".
Click on this link to connect

seminari 2022 sitoAs in the last 4 years, the Unit of Ethology of the Department of Biology of the University of Pisa is organizing the Seminar Series entitled 'Dialogues on Ethology and Behavioural Ecology'. For this year we have planned the following events:

  • Monday 7 march 2022 at 15:30: Dr. Giacomo Tavecchia (Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies, IMEDEA, UIB) – "Living close doing differently: demographic differences across sister populations of an endemic vertebrate". Host Massolo --- link
  • Friday 25 march at 15:30: Prof. Diego Rubolini (UNIMI) – “Between conflict and cooperation: social dynamics in avian broods”. Host Massolo
  • Monday 11 april at 15:30: Dr. Lisa Locatello (Staz. Zool A Dohrn) – “Sexual selection and the ascent of females: lessons on mate choice from benthic fishes”. Host Cini
  • Friday 6 may at 15:30: Prof. Sergio Pellis (U of Lethbridge, CA) – “Play fighting, reciprocity, uncertainty and the making of a social brain”. Host Palagi
  • Friday 27 may 2022 at 15:30: Prof Darren Croft (U of Exeter, UK) – “The evolution of menopause in toothed whales” [Tentative title] – Host Massolo

Seminar Dr. Giacomo Tavecchia - Monday 7 march 2022 - at 15.30

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