PhD Programme in Biology

The PhD Programme in Biology intends to promote and support the training of young graduates, selected on the basis of merit criteria through an internationally oriented doctorate course in order to develop a high level of qualification in biological fields so as to facilitate their integration in the job market. The present programme also intends to encourage interaction between universities and non-university research centers with various interests in the Life Sciences, represented by both Industries and Public Institutions. 

In brief, the main objective of the research doctorate in Biology is to train highly qualified young researchers, specialized in specific areas for which there is a large job demand.

Specific objectives of the PhD in Biology are:

  • High qualification: it represents one of the fundamental aspects of the PhD programme in Biology, thanks to the combination of training activities, in which researchers and experts with a high scientific profile on innovative topics participate, and courses aimed at enhancing the student's cultural background and research activities, constantly monitored by supervisors;
  • Internationalization: the possibility of attending seminars organized ad hoc for doctoral students held by international experts allows students to make contacts and be inspired by highly scientifically qualified researchers, with potential perspectives on collaborations with foreign research groups. The international atmosphere of the Doctorate in Biology is also evidenced by the presence of foreign doctoral students and the participation in the Doctoral College of professors belonging to prestigious Universities or foreign Research Centers. Training period abroad of doctoral students in highly qualified foreign research Institutes and Universities is strongly encouraged, in accordance with the current PhD regulations;
  • Enhancement of Excellence: in this context, the University is committed to promoting excellence through initiatives, such as the establishment of the Award for the best doctoral thesis, the publication of competitive University calls for PhD students for the allocation of funds for the organization of meetings and workshops on relevant topics within the PhD programme;
  • Link between Higher Education /Specialized Research and the public and private Job opportunities: in this context, among the training activities organized for doctoral students, there are telematic meetings with experts from Research Bodies or industrial or corporate realities (for example meeting with Executive Sequencing Sale Specialist, EMEA West, Illumina), in order to provide the doctoral student with useful tools for a potential extension of the career path in public and industrial sectors.

The Department of Biology is also affiliated with the following Pegaso Regional Doctorates: