Teaching Activity

The Teaching offer consists of:

  • courses activated by the Biology Ph.D. Course from year to year (offerta didattica esclusiva);
  • a transversal didactic offer activated by the University of Pisa to its doctoral students and aimed at training in the most modern fields of international research and the labour market: Contamination Lab of Pisa and Career Labs for Doc.

With reference to training activities, each Ph.D. student is required to follow a teaching plan that will be a prerequisite for admission to the public discussion.

During the three-year period, Ph.D students must take two or more courses, totaling at least 60 hours, from among those offered by the Ph.D. Program in Biology (offerta didattica esclusiva).

Each course included in the offerta didattica esclusiva may end, at the discretion of the lecturer, with a positive verification or certification of attendance by the lecturer; in all other cases, the doctoral student may self-certify attendance.

Attendance at educational activities is mandatory for at least 70 percent of each course among those included in the offerta didattica esclusiva.

At the end of the three-year period, the Ph.D. student is required to submit documentation of the training activities carried out to the Board of teachers.

During the three-year period, the Ph.D. student has the faculty to follow teaching activities provided within the framework of Master's degree courses at the University of Pisa, provided they are in line with the doctoral project. The Ph.D. student may take advantage of such activities without the need to obtain permission from the Board of the Ph.D. Programme in Biology, after discussion with his/her Supervisor(s).

All documentation related to the educational activities of third-year candidates must be submitted by the date of the assessment of eligibility for the final Thesis discussion.


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