Equivalence of Ph.D awarded abroad

Based on Law 148/2002 (Ratification and Execution of the Lisbon Convention of 1997), Italian universities may recognize cycles and periods of study carried out abroad and foreign degrees for the purpose of access to higher education, continuation of university studies and the awarding of Italian university degrees.

Article 1, paragraph 28-quinquies, item 3.2 of Law 15/2022 extended the recognition of foreign Ph.D degrees to the competence of universities.

All information and timelines for submitting the application are available at the following page.



Before submitting an official application for direct recognition, those interested in obtaining an equivalency of their foreign degree with the University of Pisa Ph.D Programme in Biology should contact the Coordinator directly, via e-mail, to request an informal educational prevalence.

Requests for prevalence can only be granted if submitted no later than 20 days prior to the deadline for official submission of the application for recognition.

The following documentation is required for the purpose of prevalence:

  • Copy of the foreign Ph.D degree, awarded at a foreign official higher education institution, preferably with certificate of comparability and verification certificate issued by the Italian ENIC-NARIC-CIMEA center;
  • Attestation/certification issued by the competent foreign institution, stating the elements, duration and activities of the Ph.D Programme, carried out in order to obtain the final degree.
    Alternatively, for EU countries, Diploma Supplement in English on letterhead of the foreign institution with signature and stamp of the foreign institution;
  • Ph.D Thesis in digital format;
  • Copy of the Italian second-cycle degree with which one had access to the foreign Ph.D course, or, copy of the foreign second-cycle degree with legalization or "apostille" stamp, bearing a declaration of value by the Italian Diplomatic Consular Representation competent for the territory or, alternatively, bearing the certificate of comparability and verification certificate issued by the Italian ENIC-NARIC-CIMEA center.

If the outcome of the informal didactic prevalence is positive, the interested party may submit an official application following the procedure for direct recognition of the foreign doctorate, which will be followed by a substantive evaluation by the Board oh the Ph.D Programme in Biology.

The outcome of the substantive evaluation by the Board oh the Ph.D Programme may differ from that of the prevalence evaluation.