Third mission

The Department of Biology has established various collaborations with institutions and manufacturing companies operating in various sectors: from that relating to the safeguarding and protection of the environment, to the pharmaceutical one, to that dedicated to the prevention of diseases and the promotion of human health.

The links with other educational and research institutions in the city are tight and strong (Scuola Normale Superiore, Scuola Superiore "Sant'Anna", CNR, Fondazione Pisana per la Scienza, IRCCS Fondazione "Stella Maris"), as well as with those of the Tuscany Region (Scuola IMT Alti Studi Lucca, LENS - European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy - Sesto Fiorentino) and national (IIT - Italian Institute of Technology), for the development of various activities related to the Third Mission. These collaborations have resulted in the implementation of post-graduate training activities, dissemination initiatives (PIANETA GALILEO) and technology transfer, as well as services for research projects applied to the territory.

In the same areas there are active collaborations with many regional and national bodies (Regional Park of Migliarino-San Rossore-Massaciuccoli, Regional Park of the Apuan Alps, ARPAT, INAIL, National Order of Biologists, Municipalities).

Also the links with the local and national production system are very intense, in terms of contracts for scientific and technological transfer services, master's degree theses and doctoral projects. These interactions are particularly important in the context of continuing education through agreements with the Master in Industrial Hygiene, Prevention and Safety, which produces an important exchange with institutions and companies.

The Third Mission activities are carried out also through the dissemination of knowledge and skills in the territory by school-work alternation activities, which involve high schools, Job Placement initiatives, in coordination with the Career Service (as can be seen on this page) and the activities of the Steering Committee as regards the revision of training courses and preparatory initiatives for the state exam for the Order of Biologists. The activity is also highly focused on scientific dissemination and education, through the interactions with the University Museum System (Botanical Garden & Museum and Natural History Museum of Calci), the participation in University initiatives (Bright, Open Days), the organization of public engagement events and scientific information on issues of particular social relevance and media interest.