The Department of Biology of the University of Pisa brings together a range of disciplines to understand life at all levels of biological organization in a wide variety of organisms, including viruses, bacteria, protists animals, plants and humans.  Research plays a central role in the Department’s mandate and focuses on the organization and functioning of cells, tissues, organs, individuals, populations and ecological communities in an evolutionary context. In addition to fundamental research, the mission of the Department of Biology is also to promote the applied aspects of the research, as for example with the research program in biotechnology.
The Department of Biology has good infrastructure and instrumentation to ensure laboratory and field advanced research. The units of the Department of Biology consist of high profile scientific researchers who have developed national and international partnerships with leading research laboratories in their disciplines and who are able to attract funding from public and private organizations both nationally and internationally.
The teaching staff of the Department is mostly involved in undergraduate programs in Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Environmental and Natural Sciences, and in many degree courses. The Department of Biology also offers a PhD course in Biology.