Second Cycle Degree Courses - Master (Laurea Magistrale - LM)

The University of Pisa offers a number of Master's Degrees taught in Italian: you can find the complete list at this page

The Master's Degree Courses provide education at an advanced level for the exercise of highly qualified activities in specific fields; their duration is 2 years and the qualification required for the access is a First Cycle Degree – Bachelor.

The following Master's Degree Courses are taught in English:

The international Master’s Degree in Neuroscience aims to provide interdisciplinary training through a wide variety of experimental and computational approaches to contemporary neuroscience, from the molecular and cellular level to the analysis of the highest cognitive functions of the human brain.

The international Master’s Degree in Biotechnologies and Applied Artificial Intelligence for Health is aimed to provide Students with a solid knowledge and competences in the understanding of complex biological processes as well as in the application of artificial intelligence and bioengineering systems in the fields of health biotechnologies.