The Department of Biology operates in various sectors of Life Sciences, as documented by the presence of 13 of the 19 BIO scientific-disciplinary sectors, as well as a MED sector, and is currently divided into 9 Research Units. The research of the Department of Biology concerns the study of molecules, microorganisms, cells, tissues, organs, individuals, populations, communities and ecosystems in an evolutionary context. In addition to basic research, the Department of Biology promotes the applicative aspects of research in the naturalistic-environmental, biomedical and biotechnological fields. Over the last few years, research at the Department of Biology has changed under the pressure of an epochal revolution dictated by new biotechnologies, big data and 'omics' sciences, new imaging techniques, cell reprogramming techniques and genomic editing, integrated biology and synthetic biology. The Department of Biology has at its disposal infrastructures and instruments that have guaranteed, up to now, advanced research both in the laboratory and in the field. The research groups are made up of Researchers with a high scientific profile, able to attract funding from public and private bodies, both national and international. The wide differentiation of the research activities is also reflected in the articulated teaching offer of I, II and III level.


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Cell and Developmental Biology

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Ecology and Marine Biology





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General Physiology


Plant Physiology

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Zoology and Anthropology