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Evaluation and review

This section provides the documents related to analysis, students' self-evaluations and reviews regarding the Master's Degree course.
Evaluations of the course are submitted by the students through anonymous surveys.

The documents available are Sua-CdS (Single Annual Form) on the Master's Degree Course and Review documents issued by the Department AQ Comitee (Quality Guarantee Office). 

Documents 2017
Review documents AQ  
Sua-CdS (Single Annual Form) PDF

N.B. The review document is issued every year and it containes information and data related to the previous academic year. (ex. 2017=A.Y. 2015/16).

Students' Evaluation

From A.Y. 2013/14 the evaluation of the course and of the individual teaching module are issued in an aggregated form:

Students's evaluation refered to a. y. 2016/17 PDF* Organization/Services**
Students's evaluation refered to a. y. 2017/18 PDF* Organization/Services





*The evaluation of the individual module is available PDF File of the Master Course. 

** Evaluation of the organization was not available for a.y. 2016/17.