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Admission to the Course

Admission to the Master’s Degree in Neuroscience is restricted (29 positions plus 6 positions reserved for students of the Scuola Normale Superiore and 5 for Non European Citizens). The course is held completely in english. 

Selection for admission is organized by an Admission Committee and includes an evaluation of the candidate's qualifications and an oral test, held in English.

The admission process is organized into two sessions. The first session will select as many students as places available, during the second session the commission will allocate the places not assigned with the first session up to a maximum of 40 places.


To access the admission test, applicants must be in possession of a first-cycle degree in Biological Sciences (class L-13 or 12) or a 4- or 5-year degree (“laurea”) in Biological Sciences.
If not in possess of a degree in Biological Sciences, the candidate must have acquired at least 60 credits in basic disciplines of the Class L-13 (Biological Sciences) or equivalent. Of these 60 credits, at least 24 must be in three of the indicated BIO scientific/disciplinary sectors and at least 18 in the indicated MAT, FIS or CHIM sectors.
Candidates who have qualifications obtained abroad and recognized as eligible will be admitted to the selection.
Access to the admission test is also permitted to students still enrolled in a first-cycle degree, in possession of the necessary requirements. These candidates will be required to complete the degree as stated in the call for applications. 

Please refer to the Regulation for access to the Master’s degree for further information.


The evaluation and the ranking is calculated on a scale of 100 points as follows:
- Up to 60 points for the evaluation of the candidate's degrees, cv and other relevant documents provided;
- Up to 40 points for the evaluation of the oral test which verifies the candidate’s knowledge in the basic biologic disciplines (BIO scientific/disciplinary sectors) of the Class L-13 Class L-13 (Biological Sciences) Table or equivalent.  The admission comitee will concentrate the oral test on topics strictly related to the course as described here.
The oral test will also verify fluency in english, official language of the course.