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Admission to the Course

The Master’s Degree in Neuroscience is held completely in english. 

To be admitted to the course students must possess: 

  • mandatory requirements
  • minimum knowledge required

Mandatory requirements

To be in possession of one of the following mandatory requirements:

  • Bachelor degree in the Italian degree Class 12 or L-13;
  • Former Italian University System four-year or five-year degree in Biological Sciences;
  • Former Italian University System bachelor degree or master degree, in other classes, provided that the applicant has acquired at least 60 cfu (Italian Credit Transfer System) in the following fundamental disciplines of the L-13 class of Biological Sciences:
    - BIO/01, BIO/02, BIO/04, BIO/05, BIO/06, BIO/07, BIO/09, BIO/10, BIO/11, BIO/14, BIO/18, BIO/19 o equivalenti:, MPSI/03, MPSI/02, MED/03, MED/04, MED/07, MED/26,
    MED/37, MED/39, BIO/16, BIO/17, a minimum of 24 cfu are required for this section;
    - FIS/01-FIS/08, INF/01, ING.INF/05, MAT/01 -MAT/09, CHIM/01, CHIM/02, CHIM/03, CHIM/06 o equivalenti: MED/01, SECS/01 -02, INF/01, MPSI/03, a minimum of 18 cfu arerequired for this section.
  • Qualifications obtained abroad and recognised as eligible.

 Oral test

The oral test aims to verify the posessions of the minimum knowledge required. it will take place with a specific admission comitee and will be based on the above mentioned BIO sectors. The oral test will also verify the fluency in english, official language of the course, and will therefore be held completely in english

The admission comitee will concentrate on the subjects most relevant to the master's degree course, as follows Admission test.

The admission tests are usually held in February and May (for both EU and non EU students) and July (for EU students only). 

For further information on the admission test please visit our page Call for application