Admission to the Course

The access to the MSc in Biotechnologies and Applied Artificial intelligence for Health is regulated by a specific procedure, including the participation to one of the calls scheduled each year.

Successful applicants must meet the following requirements: 

  • demonstrating a relevant academic curriculum (as defined below) 
  • succesfully passing an admission test (interview)

Academic curriculum

Successful applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnologies (italian L-2 class), Biological sciences (italian L-13 class), Engineering (italian L-8 or L-9 classes) or Informatics (italian L-31 class). Applicants having a Bachelor in other kind of degrees must have acquired a minimum of 90 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) in the following fundamental disciplines: Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science.

For degrees that do not conform to the ECT System, the workload associated with each course must be clearly indicated.
For a detailed list of academic curriculum requirements, please check this webpage.

Admission test

The interview, held in English, will focus on fundamental disciplines ( see syllabus of admission test ) such as mathematics, physics, computer science, biochemistry, biology (cellular systems and organisms).

In compliance with the interdisciplinary nature of the MSc programme, eligible Students will be asked questions about the following topics:

  • students with previous background in biology / biotechnology must demonstrate basic knowledge and preparation in mathematics, physics, computer science
  • students with previous background in mathematics, computer science, engineering must demonstrate basic knowledge and preparation in biology and biotechnology 

The Admission Committee will also check adequate English knowledge (minimum B2 level). Note that English is the official language for all activities (teaching, examinations, etc) in the MSc in Biotechnologies and Applied Artificial intelligence for Health.


1. Register to the International portal

Candidates must register to the INTERNATIONAL PORTAL and submit their application for one of the calls scheduled for the access to the MSc in Biotechnologies and Applied Artificial intelligence for Health.

Applicants must check to meet curricular requirements (see information above) before applying for the admission test.

The calendar of calls is available on this webpage.

P.N. Applicants must keep the student ID assigned during registration process on the International portal, becouse it will be used for future acknowledgements/communications.

2. Admission test (interview)

Applicants who meet curricular requirements are admitted to the interview.

The interview will be performed remotely (on Microsoft Teams) by an ad-hoc Committee, who will ask questions about fundamental disciplines outlined in the syllabus-Admission test 

P.N.: The list of candidates eligible for the interview will be notified on this webpage. Candidates not mentioned in the list are not eligible for the interview.

The outcomes of the admission test may be one of the followings:

  • admission to the MSc with the assignment of the specific curriculum (Biology or Engineering);
  • admission to the MSc with a mandatory study plan: in case of educational deficit, admitted students will be advised about specific teaching activities to compensate the lack of those specific ECTS credits;
  • non admission to the MSc.

3. Enrollment to the MSc

Students admitted to the Master's degree course are required to complete the enrollment according to the procedure described on this webpage.

Upon completion of the enrollment procedure the student will receive an email message confirming the enrollment to the MSc.

NON EU students must be aware about time and requirements for the issuing of residence permit / VISA.

NON EU students are require to submit their request for pre-enrollment through the Universitaly portal before applying for VISA. Those students will also be required to provide international certificate of English language (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, etc.) when applying for VISA issuing to the Italian Diplomatic Authority in their country.