Tutors and student representatives
Contact information of Tutors and student representatives can be found on this page.

Student worker/parent status.
All information is available on this page.

Student-athlete: dual career 
All information is available on this page.

Class Attendance
While recommended, class attendance for all bachelor's and master's degree courses related to the Department of Biology is NOT mandatory. Laboratories, on the other hand, require compulsory attendance (for information contact the lecturer in charge of the teaching).

Out-of-course student
A student is off-course if he or she has been enrolled in the same degree program for a number of years longer than the normal duration of the course: for more than three years for a bachelor's degree program, for more than two years for a non-single-cycle master's degree program.
Out-of-course students may participate in the reserved examination appointments.

Supernumerary exams on the electronic transcript (Alice portal)
If the student has complied with the provisions of the Regulations of his or her degree program and year of matriculation (in terms of propedeuticity, free-choice exams, regularity in the payment of fees), any exams recorded in the career as supernumerary are NOT a problem. The situation will be regularized at the time of applying for the degree.

Fees, ISEE, Scholarships (DSU)
The Teaching Unit does not deal with issues related to student contribution, ISEE or scholarships granted by the Regional Right to Study Company.
Undergraduate fees and renewal of enrollment.

Prevaluation (incoming) of a past career
No pre-evaluation is made on the possible recognition of exams taken as part of a previous career (either by abbreviation, course transfer or transfer from another university). The evaluation can be made exclusively by the course council, the body competent in this matter, which will take into consideration not only the CFU and the SSD of each exam for which recognition is requested but also the program carried out. The student can make up his or her own mind by consulting the Teaching Regulations of the course of study to which he or she intends to enter.

Prevaluation (outgoing) of a career for transfer to another degree program within the University
No pre-evaluation is carried out on the possible recognition of examinations for transfer to another degree program, either if it pertains to the Department of Biology or if it pertains to another department. The student can make up his or her own mind by consulting the Didactic Regulations of the degree course to which he or she intends to transfer or, in the case of a degree course afferent to another Department, by writing to the appropriate office.

Informal didactic prevalence for equivalence
For the purpose of informal didactic pre-evaluation, it is necessary to submit the necessary documentation as requested on this page. It should be noted that the outcome of the substantive evaluation by the Course Council, the competent body in this matter, may differ from that of the informal didactic prevalence.

Issuance of certificates
In application of Law 183/2011, certificates issued by the University of Pisa cannot be produced to public administration bodies or private managers of public services. If it becomes necessary to attest acts or facts relating to one's university career to a public body or private managers of public services, the student is required to submit a self-certification, which replaces the certificate for all legal purposes. More information is available on this page.

Awarding of diplomas
All information is available on the following page.

USID: Office of Services for the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities or DSA
The USID is concerned with removing obstacles between students and university life, seeking to improve the possibility of active participation in all its activities and facilities.
A student who has the right to do so may ask the USID Office for permission to have technical and computer aids or a longer time to conduct an examination. The student is required to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and in Cc to the holder of the teaching for which he/she intends to take the examination test, requesting the aforementioned authorization and specifying the mode(s) of testing envisaged for the exam itself.
It will be the responsibility of the USID Office to notify the teacher of the mode(s) by which the examination will be administered.
It will be the student's responsibility to notify the lecturer, prior to the conduct of the examination, of the grant(s) and/or major time granted and to wait for the lecturer's approval.
For any further clarifications, Prof. Michela Ori, the Department's contact person for the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities or DSA, can be contacted.

Training pathway to become teachers in secondary and junior high school
All information is available on the following page. For the PF60, PF30 and PF36 pathways, you are advised to keep an eye on the same page, which will be updated as new ministerial regulations come into effect.