The Ethology Unit works on various aspects of animal behaviour and ecology, continuing a long-standing the tradition of ethological studies at the University of Pisa began over 50 years ago with the research of Floriano Papi, one of the founders of Ethology in Italy.

The Unit research program is focused on the mechanisms and ecological determinants of vertebrate behaviour, with a particular focus on spatial behaviour at multiple scales and levels of organization (individual, population, communities).

  In particular, our long-term research program focuses on:

  •  bird and sea turtle migration
  •  navigation mechanism in animals using as model the homing pigeon
  •  spatial behaviour of terrestrial mammals
  •  effects of parasites on predator-prey interactions at different spatio-temporal scales
  •  distribution of vectors following land use and climate change
  •  biology and ecology of species of conservation value

 Within this vast research program, the effects of land and climate change on these ecological processes are studied and integrated into our models. A fast-changing world is clearly affecting wild animals at individual, population and community levels, and a deep understanding of cumulative and synergistic effects of these changes are priority to understand their possible consequences.


The unit of Ethology staff is composed by:

Full Professors:
Paolo Luschi 

Associate Professors:
Paolo Casale
Alessandro Massolo
Elisabetta Palagi

Alessandro Cini
Anna Gagliardo 
Dimitri Giunchi 

TA Staff:
Andrea Guidi 
Michele Melai*
Resi Mencacci 
Enrica Pollonara
Daniele Santerini 

*Partially assigned to the Ethology unit


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