LogoBiochimica small ok descrizioneThe staff of the Biochemistry Unit includes researchers in Biochemistry and in the Hygiene field.



  The research topics in the biochemistry field deal with:

  • Response to oxidative stress in different tissues and cells systems.
  • Dysregulation of enzyme activities in the onset and progression of pathological states.
  • Metabolism of toxic aldehydes.
  • Modulation of enzyme activities involved in the onset of diabetic complications and inflammation.
  • Modulation of oxidoreductases involved in the onset of chemoresistance in cancer cells.

The research topics in the Hygiene field deal with:

  • Environmental and food virology studies aiming to study the presence and spread in the environment of pathogenic viruses.
  • Environmental, Occupational and Food Hygiene studies applied to microbiological monitoring and to Quantitative Assessment model
  • Surveys by questionnaires to evaluate information, attitudes, risk perception and behaviour related to health.
  • Mass and social media health news systematic monitoring, archiving, qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Staff of the Unit

Full Professors:
Annalaura Carducci
Antonella Del Corso

Associate Professors:
Mario Cappiello
Roberta Moschini
Marco Verani

Simone Allegrini
Francesco Balestri
Ileana Federigi
Giovanni Signore

TA Staff:
Sandra Farnesi
Rossana Pesi
Erika Rovini
Teresa Toscano

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