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The Laurea Magistrale exam, or Master Degree Final exam, consists in the discussion of a written essay, in front of an official Evaluating Committee composed of a defined number of members as established in the didactic guidelines of the University.
The elaboration of a thesis includes:

  • presentation of a biological question through an analysis of the scientific literature;
  • planning of an experimental or theoretic approach for the study of the biological question;
  • execution of the experimental plan and critical discussion of the results.

The thesis has the total value of 48 cfu, therefore it corresponds to a working period of 1200 hours. Alternatively, the student may choose a different plan consisting of 25 cfu of apprenticeship plus 23 cfu of thesis. Since apprenticeship and thesis are strictly connected, they may be performed in national or foreign structures and companies. It will be organized together with an internal tutor who will be responsible for all the activities and will stand as the thesis supervisor. All available information is provided at the page Internships for Thesis.

The thesis must be compiled in electronic format: ETD site
At least 15 days before the session of the Master Degree Final exam, the student will deliver to the Didactic Office the thesis frontispiece (from the ETD site) with all the requested signatures (the names of the thesis examiners should not be included).
One week before the session of the Master Degree Final exam, the student will deliver a copy of the thesis in electronic format (pdf) to the Didactic Office, a copy on a digital media to the supervisor and one to each of the thesis examiners. In case of no delivery of such material, during the final exam the supervisor and the thesis examiners will evaluate the thesis on the basis of the material available at that moment.

Suggestions for thesis presentation